Friday, October 31, 2014

1953, Library, Westport, Connecticut

[LIB11178] - The Westport Reading Room and Library Association is founded on February 4, 1886. It is located in a leased second floor room on the Hurlbutt block opposite what would later become the "old library building" on the Post Road East at Parker Harding Plaza. Total first year membership is 146 and first year circulation is 962 volumes. Membership costs $1.00 per year. Mrs. Frances A. Gray is the volunteer librarian and the Reading Room is open Monday through Saturday in the evening after supper. To stretch access to the small collection, borrowing is limited to Tuesdays and Thursdays. [Website]

Thompson Library, Dover-Foxcroft, Maine

[LIB11177] - In 1897 Dr. Elbridge A. Thompson purchased the land and started construction of the Thompson Free Library in memory of his wife Lucia Eddy Thompson.   Dr. Thompson was a surgeon for the Union Army for over three years, during the Civil War.  He came to Dover in 1866 and practiced medicine and surgery here for the next 37 years, until he retired in 1903.  On September 9, 1898 he presented the town of Dover with the key and the deed to the library.  Dr. Thompson also established a trust fund for the purchase of books and reading materials. [Website]

Leach Library, Wahpeton, North Dakota

[LIB11176] - In 1919 Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Leach offered the city of Wahpeton the sum of $25,000 as a donation for the construction of a building to be used as a public library if the city would purchase a suitable site for it. [Website]

Library, Windham, Connecticut

[LIB11175] - Located on the green in Windham Center CT, the Windham Free Library provides a place for book-lovers to gather, engage with their community, and relax in beautiful surroundings. [Website]

1912, Free Public Library, Somers, Connecticut

[LIB11174] - No longer used as a public library.

Library, Prospect, Connecticut

[LIB11173] - No longer used as a public library. [Website]