Friday, October 24, 2014

1909, Taylor Library, Milford, Connecticut

[LIB11167] The Taylor Memorial Library building is now used as the home of the Milford Chamber of Commerce.

Circulating Library, Litchfield, Connecticut

[LIB11166] The Litchfield Library Association was founded in May of 1862 and in July of 1862 changed its name to the Wolcott Library in honor of a generous donation from J. Huntington Wolcott, grandson of Oliver Wolcott. The Wolcott Library was a reading room for members to browse newspapers, periodicals, books and reference materials. In June of 1870, the Litchfield Circulating Library was founded where members could borrow books to take home. In 1887, Mrs. Mary J. Buel became the first paid librarian. [Website]

Edsel Ford Memorial Library, Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, Connecticut

[LIB11165] The original building was a gift in memory of Edsel Bryant Ford given by his wife, Eleanor Clay Ford, and their three sons: Henry Ford II '36, Benson Ford '38, and William Clay Ford '43. Designed by Henry S. Waterbury of Delano and Aldrich, the Edsel Ford Memorial Library opened in 1952. A major expansion and renovation, increasing the size of the library six times, was completed in 1981 under the direction of architect Evans Woollen '45. The first floor of the library was renovated in 1999 to provide a teaching and reference center combining print, microform, and digital resources. [Website]

Library, Falls Village, Connecticut

[LIB11164] Since its founding in 1891, the David M. Hunt Library has amply fulfilled the vision set by its founders, Mr. Hunt’s sisters Wealthy Ann and Catherine E. Hunt. These earliest and key benefactors had a vision: “that it be a house of learning fitted to the wants of our youth and the high purpose of promoting the intelligence and welfare of this community.” [Website]

Library, Cornwall, Connecticut

[LIB11163] The Cornwall Library Association was organized in the study of the Rev. E.C. Sanford, October 2, 1869. Minutes of that meeting record the adoption of a constitution and twenty-two articles, establishing both the purpose for the library and the rules by which it would operate. [Website]

1907 Pequot Library, Southport, Connecticut

[LIB11162] - Pequot Library is listed in the The National Register of Historic Places. The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of the Nation's historic places worthy of preservation. [Website]