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Walnut Library, Collection of K'Angs-Hsi, Herbert Hoover Library, WEST BRANCH IA

"Porcelain, souvenirs, albums, books, and mementos."

K'ang-hsi , 1654-1722, 2d emperor of the Ch'ing dynasty of China (1661-1722). He extended Manchu control and promoted learning in the arts and sciences. K'ang-hsi conquered the feudatories of S China (1673-81), took Taiwan (1683), established China's first diplomatic relations with Russia (1689), and pushed the Ölöds from Outer Mongolia (1697). Repeated tax reductions, attention to water conservation, and imperial tours of inspection earned him a reputation for benevolence. He employed Jesuit missionaries to map the empire and to teach mathematics and astronomy. [Source: The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition]


Library, Wheaton College, WHEATON IL

"Completed in 1975, the Library houses learning resources in an attractive setting for the pursuit of academic excellence which characterizes life at Wheaton College. Total book capacity, including adjacent Nicholas Building (renovated previous library in left foreground) is 217,535 volumes. Current holdings total 160,000. Seating capacity of both units is 683."


Friday, August 29, 2008


Made in Germany, published by C. E. Wheelock & Co., Peoria IL and Leipzig. [LIB1231]
Omaha Public Library Website

Carnegie Library, Burlington, Vermont

This vintage old postcard (c1915) was published by The Hugh C. Leighton Co., Manufacturers, Portland Maine, no. 20006

In Burlington Volume II, authors Mary Ann DiSpiritoand David Robinson continue the detailed look at this intriguing Vermont city. Discovered by Samuel deChamplain in 1609, the next few centuries saw Burlington evolve from a wilderness to a small settlement, and eventually, flourish into Vermont’s largest city. Situated on the shores of Lake Champlain, Burlington’s waterfront area became the early center of commerce in the late eighteenth century with the rise of the lumber industry and the use of ships for transport. By 1865, when Burlington was incorporated as a city, the industries thatprofoundly shaped Burlington’s personality were already well established—these included lumber, textiles, shipping, and the railroad, as well as higher education. [
Source: Arcadia Publishing]

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

1952 The Naval Room, Roosevelt Library, HYDE PARK NY

"This room was personally arranged by Mr. Roosevelt; he selected the naval prints from his collection of many hundreds as well as the ship models."


From Amazon: The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Library and Home ( Hyde Park )

Library Entrance Dag Hammarskjold Library NEW YORK NY

" The main entrance to the Library is from the plaza in front of the Secretariat Building and it located in the glass-enclosed corridor linking the two buildings. It is noted for its strikingly modern decor. Mural by Fritz Glannar (Glarner) (United States)."

This post card shows a notable work of Modern Art by the Swiss-born American Abstract Painter.

Published by Official United Nations, Office of Public Information, no. P54003.


Available from Amazon: Fritz Glarner: Drawings = Fritz Glarner : Zeichnungen

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of Issue: Saluting America's Libraries

This is a First Day of Issue from 1982. A first day cover (FDC) is an envelope where the postage stamps have been canceled on their first day of issue. Depending on the policy of the nation issuing the stamp, official first day postmarks may sometimes be applied to covers weeks or months after the date indicated. [Wikipedia]

I have included it on this site because the design is exquisite and the craftsmanship is superb. The illustration really captures the look of a library, pre-computer era. Also noteworthy, is the wording on the 20 cent stamp: "America's Libraries: Legacies to Mankind" Technically, this area of postal history may be considered "philately" or the study of stamps.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Public Library, Brantford, Ontario CANADA

December 16, 1902: The library's corner stone was laid by Rev. Dr. Mackenzie, Chairman of the Library Board. [Source]


This postcard view also shows the 1st Congregational Church and Tavern (hopefully not in the same building). Old post card published by F.P. Trow News Agency, Nashua NH.


c1920s Ogden Free Library, WALTON NY

A very nice vintage white-border postcard, published by J. Ruben, 39 Johnston Street, Newburgh NY.

William Butler Ogden (June 15, 1805 - August 3, 1877) was the first Mayor of Chicago. He was born in Walton. [Wikipedia]


The Dicts or Sayings of the Philosophers

From the first dated book printed in England. The Dicts or Sayings of the Philosophers. Printed by Caxton at Westminster, 1477. British Museum, Phot. Oxford University Press.

William Caxton (c. 1415~1422 – c. March 1492) was an English merchant, diplomat, writer and printer. He was the first English person to work as a printer and the first person to introduce a printing press into England. He was also the first English retailer of books (his London contemporaries were all Dutch, German or French). [Wikipedia]


Dicts and Sayings of the Philosophers (Early English Text Society Original Series)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fant Memorial Library, Mississippi State College for Women, COLUMBUS MS

"A modern addition, completed in 1959, doubles stack space and contains the Beulah Culbertson Room. The MSCW library was named for President John Clayton Fant in 1930."

History of the First Baptist Church, Columbus, Mississippi, 1832-1964

1958 Jackson State College Library, Jackson, Mississippi

"The Jackson State College Library, completed in 1958, is a three-story, completely air-conditioned structure which contains, among other features, fourteen study-research rooms, seventy-six study carrells, a rare book room, and six main reading rooms. The Library contains 30 thousand catalogued volumes, bound periodicals, and pamphlets."
The H. T. Sampson Library serves as the main and comprehensive library for Jackson State University. Modern facilities and a commitment to service, combine to make the H. T. Sampson Library the premier information center for the University. In 1970, the library was officially named after the former Executive Dean, Henry Thomas Sampson. Since its construction in 1958, the Sampson Library has undergone two major expansions/renovations. The first, completed in 1973, at a cost of $2 million, nearly tripled the size of the facility. The most recent construction project was completed in 1997. This $13.5 million expansion/renovation project doubled the size of the facility and created an aesthetically pleasing and technologically supportive library environment. The new and renovated library was designed American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. Within the library, individual study carrels, group study rooms, an auditorium, and a conference room are available for the patron's use. Public computers throughout the building offer access to the library's online computer as well as the Internet. [Source]

1967 McFarlin Library, University of Tulsa, TULSA OK

"A view of the beautiful University of Tulsa Campus; with the McFarlin Library in the background."
McFarlin Library was the first of the three new buildings at the University of Tulsa to be erected and it was selected as the central feature. The library became the major axis of the campus and its location dictated the future growth of the campus. Robert M. McFarlin, known in the Southwest for his contributions toward church and educational memorial buildings, and his wife, Ida Mae Barnard McFarlin, donated the structure, as well as the book stacks and the furnishings. McFarlin, with P.A. Chapman., J.A. Chapman and H.B. Gooch as partners, had drilled an oil well in the Glenn Pool District in 1906 and continued to expand his oil, gas and ranching interests until his death in 1941. [Source]

Carnegie Library, BEAVER FALLS PA

Postcard view of the library, c1920s

Contemporary view of the library.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

John Hall Sherratt Library, Rockford College, ROCKFORD IL

"The John Hall Sherratt at Rockford College is the first small college library in the country to make use of divisional reading rooms corresponding to the four general divisions of the curriculum. The building was first opened in the fall of 1939 and was dedicated by Archibald MacLeish, librarian of Congress."
The current library of Rockford College is the Howard Colman Library. [LIB1080]

1905 Carnegie Library, CAMBRIDGE OH

"This is the first public library ever built here and has only been erected a short time - T.J. Bennett, 1905" [LIB1079]

Charles L. Cooke Memorial Library, Hollins College, ROANOKE VA

"Hollins College, situated seven miles from the city of Roanoke. Oldest college for women in Virginia, founded by Charles L. Cooke. Began with Valley Union Seminary of 1842."

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

c1905 Library, UTICA NEW YORK NY

The origins of a library in Utica date back to 1825, when a private subscription library opened its doors at the Broad Street offices of Attorney Justus Rathbone. It was 400 shareholders and 1,000 volumes strong. Known then as simply the Utica Library, the enterprise underwent several relocations while experiencing a steady growth in acquisitions. [Source]
This undivided back postcard was published by Souvenir Post Card Co., no. 5058


A contemporary view. [Image Source]

An early 20th century view.

The Hunt Library, Carnegie Institute of Technology, PITTSBURGH PA

"The five-story library, gift of Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Hunt, houses the graduate and undergraduate collection of books in Engineering, Science, Fine Arts, and the Humanities. The beautiful Penthouse is the home of the world famous Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt Botanical Library."
Carnegie Mellon University (also known as CMU) is a private research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. It began as the Carnegie Technical Schools, founded by Andrew Carnegie in 1900. In 1912, the school became Carnegie Institute of Technology and began granting four-year degrees. In 1967, the Carnegie Institute of Technology merged with the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research to form Carnegie Mellon University. [Wikipedia]
This postcard was published by Curteich no. 3Dk-491.

Washington's Library, MOUNT VERNON VIRGINIA VA

"The volumes in the book cases are for the most part duplicates of the books which Washington owned. Nearly all of the original library is now in the Boston Athenaeum." This undated postcard is c1915.

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Hoyt Library, Saginaw, MICHIGAN MI

Vintage view of Hoyt Library.
Contemporary view of the library. [Image source]

The Hoyt Public Library of Saginaw was a gift to the city of Saginaw (then East Saginaw) by one of its most prominent citizens. Jesse Hoyt of New York was never a permanent resident of this city that he influenced so profoundly, but no one did more to promote its creation and growth. [Source: The History of Hoyt Library]

1907 Curtis Memorial Library, MERIDEN CT


This postcard was published by Raphael Tuck & Sons' Post Card Series no. 2022.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Building - #81000618
Architect, builder, or engineer:
Architectural Style: Classical Revival

The Public Library, SYDNEY AUSTRALIA


Carnegie Public Library, SAN BERNARDINO CA

Early 20th century post card published by Curt Teich, CT Photochrom, no. A-5731.