Thursday, September 26, 2013

Old School Card Catalog Apparel

I remember sliding those drawers out and then pushing them back in... much more satisfying than a mouse click or a swipe...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

1946 Public Library, Dayton, Ohio

[LIB9843] The Library's Mission Statement

The Dayton Metro Library will inform, inspire and enrich our community by linking individuals to information needed for personal success, providing access to a world of imagination and culture and offering convenient and comfortable spaces that enhance exploration and facilitate civic participation.
We are the marketplace of the mind.

G. H. Stowell Free Library, Cornish Flat, New Hampshire


1912 Public Library, Pomona, California

[LIB9841] Pomona's first library began in 1887, a year after the city's incorporation. Women organized a combined public library and floral association, with some of the library funds coming from flower festivals. The club gave its library to the city in 1890. An early applicant for Carnegie funds, the city received a $15,000 grant in 1902 and the library was completed in 1903. The firm of Burnham and Bliesner designed the building in the Classical Revival style. An octagonal central delivery room and other plans of local architect C. E. Wolfe were incorporated into the plans at the request of the city. A rare later Carnegie award of $10,000 in 1913, provided an addition to the library. The building was demolished in 1966. []

Public Library, Riverside, California

[LIB9840] As a prime example of the New Formalism architectural movement, which was popular for public, institutional and financial buildings during the 1960s, the downtown library includes several hallmarks of this mid-century style: rigid box-like appearance, floating pedestal, brick veneer, strong pilasters, large overhang, fanciful canopy and period lighting.


Public Library, Santa Cruz, California

[LIB9839] - The main library, an imposing edifice designed by architect William Weeks, was demolished to make way for a modern building as were several branch libraries. Only the Garfield Park Library, built in 1914, and the Seabright library, which now serves as the Natural History museum, are still in existence. []