Saturday, December 8, 2007

Lepper Library, Lisbon, Ohio

[LIB0016] - Lepper Public Library stands testimony to one woman's memory of her husband and to her vision for her community. Founded in 1897, in memory of her deceased husband, Charles, Virginia Lepper's gift allowed public access to resources valued and needed by the village's residents and began over a century of service that continues even today. Originally built to house 13,000 volumes, the library now holds in excess of 70,000, maintaining significant historical relevance and credibility in addition to effective library work for its 15,000 registered patrons. Website []

One Square Mile of America"; A History of Lisbon, Ohio, Columbiana County

A Souvenir History of The Old Village of New Lisbon, Ohio and The Old Town of Salem, Ohio

Centennial Souvenir Edition, History of Lisbon (Ohio) 1803-1903 Historical Sketch of the Old Village of New Lisbon, Ohio

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