Monday, November 2, 2009

1911 Carnegie Free Library, Connellsville, PA


Carnegie Free Library opened its doors on April 30, 1903 due to the generosity of Andrew Carnegie, who believed that education is the cornerstone of success. This was a one time gift with the promise from Connellsville that the borough would provide for the continued upkeep of the building. At that time, Connellsville was the leading coke producer in the world and immigrants were flocking here to work in the mines and coke works. Built of sandstone in the Italianate manner, the building housed books and magazines and offered early patrons both educational and recreational reading, as well as musical evenings in the second floor auditorium. Over the years the building has had few external changes. In the late 1960’s a basement stacks area was added and a mezzanine tier in the 1970’s. The library was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1981, and the board of directors, with the help of the community, has made a concerted effort to maintain the structure. The most recent project was a complete restoration of the Reference Room, now The Gettys Room, to its 1903 appearance. The only significant change was the addition of computers. [Thanks to the Carnegie Free Library,]

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