Tuesday, March 15, 2011

1909 Public Library, Edwardsville, Illinois


In 1903 Edwardsville resident Charles Boeschenstein, the publisher of the Intelligencer and a former mayor, wrote Andrew Carnegie to request funds to erect a library building. Through Boeschenstein's efforts, Edwardsville received $12,500 for the construction of a permanent home for the public library. The city of Edwardsville complimented Carnegie's offer by donating a parcel of land in the city park for the library to occupy.
Work began in 1904, and the building was dedicated on June 28, 1906. At that time a library membership cost 10 cents per month, which allowed access to a collection of roughly 500 books. To support the continued operation of the library, patrons hosted several community events and fund-raisers, such as concerts and card games. [From the website]

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