Tuesday, April 19, 2011

1907 Hearst Free Library, Anaconda, Montana

[LIB1416] - "In a commanding position on Main Street, with lines of impressive, classical beauty stands the Hearst Free Public Library, a gift to the people of Anaconda from Mrs. Phoebe Hearst. The first impression one receives is of massive substantiality, an effect which is heightened by the strikingly Grecian purity of outline and the almost severe use of ornamentation which by itself would give an impression of stiffness were it not for the graceful strength imparted to the design by the great spreading arches of the windows. The building is one of the best type of library structure, and has not its equal in Montana; it will compare favorably with any public building in the West."
-- Anaconda Standard, June 12, 1898

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