Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1908 Public Library, Abilene, Kansas

[LIB6652] - Mr. Carnegie wanted his money to be used for “real and permanent good in this world.” One can only assume that Mr. Carnegie would be very pleased, that 102 years later what is now known as the Carnegie level of the library is used daily. The city commission room has been updated as well as the Malott room. Periodicals are now housed on the Carnegie level as is the microfilm reader in the genealogy room. A room formerly used as storage is now the Jordan Room, which is an ideal place for a group to hold a meeting or training. Tim Geske painted and restored the dome, making the Carnegie level breathtaking. Andrew Carnegie also thought his institutions should create “ladders on which the aspiring can rise.” If one thinks about the many Abilene citizens who have frequented the library during the past 102 years, it can be assumed that the library certainly has served this purpose and will continue to do so. [Read the history of the library here]

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