Wednesday, February 27, 2013

1947 Public Library, Fair Haven, Vermont

[LIB7634] Original building still in use as a library. 

The Fair Haven Public Library, established in 1887, owes its existence to the suggestion and influence of Mr. Moses Coit, a non-resident greatly interested in the establishment of libraries. The persistent efforts of Hon. A.N. Adams, and the earnest advocacy of Prof. Walter E. Howard, who notwithstanding much opposition obtained an appropriation of $1,000 from the town for its establishment and support. Since then a sum averaging $600 has been voted annually. In 1894 a reading room supplied with periodicals through private yearly subscriptions was added to the library, increasing its influence. The interest of the readers continues to increase from year to year, over 700 more books having been drawn out in 1897 than in 1896. Librarian Elizabeth Perkins. [Board of Library Commissioners of Vermont, 1895-1896. Published 1896. Available through Google Books]

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