Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Windsor Library, Windsor, Vermont

[LIB7712] The Georgian Revival structure, as designed, was opened to the public on June 4, 1904. The library building, on State Street in Windsor is one story, 60 by 28 feet, with an annex, 26 by 16 feet in the rear. The roof is the “finest Maine slate”; the foundation, Ascutney granite; the exterior walls are red brick and the base, cornices and all exterior trimmings, with quoins and dentils, are of Fitchburg granite. Two sets of elongated windows are on each side of the entrance in front, a portico with Doric columns, of the same granite. In the vestibule entrance, on the left, is a bronze relief of Mr. Blood, and a plaque bearing his birth date and place together with the following inscription: This building was erected by Benjamin F. Blood, of Waltham, Massachusetts, A.D. 1903, and by him presented to the people of Windsor to be forever used as a public library. A former citizen of Windsor, by industry and ability, he accumulated a fortune, and this he dedicated to the best interests of the descendants of his early associates and providing for them church, school and library advantages. [Website]

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