Friday, November 8, 2013

1916 Carnegie Library, Madison, Maine


The library has had four different homes before reaching its final destination.  It remained for some years in the Town Blocke, and when Charles O. Small opened a law office over T.H. Spear's tin-shop, he gave use of an alcove for the books of the library.  After the burning of the shop, the library took up space in the new building on the same site erected by Dr. Hunnewell and Simon Stone.  It remained there until it moved to the Blackwell Block in January of 1903, where it had remained until the construction of the octagonal building which houses the library today. In 1905 Mr. Carnegie agreed to donate $8,000 for a free public library with $800 to be raised annually for its maintenance and so the library plans began.

The octagonal building, designed by Clifton S. Humphreys, was constructed in the heart of town, on the corner of Old Point Avenue and Pleasant Street.  It was completed in 1906, and ready for occupancy in January, 1907. [Website] []

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