Friday, November 14, 2014

Carnegie Library, Wellington, Kansas

[LIB11192] - On April 1, 1914 at the spring election the voters approved the support of a public library by a vote of 3-1. In May 1914, the Wellington City Library board held its first meeting and voted to begin the process of erecting a library building. On April 10,1915, it was voted to buy a site from the Long-Bell Lumber Co. at the corner of Seventh Street and Jefferson Avenue for $3,000.00. The board had begun negotiations with Andrew Carnegie, and on April 19, 1915 the Carnegie Corporation stated that it would give $17,500. for the library building. The name of the architect has been lost, but the contract was awarded to J.H. Mitchell. The building was completed in December of 1915, but remained vacant for some time due to a delay in the receipt of the new furniture. Meanwhile, Miss Flower and Miss Hackney, the librarians, cataloged books. The library building was accepted from the contractor on June 12, 1916 was dedicated June 19, 1916 and was informally opened to the public July 1, 1916. [Website]

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Paul Hawkins said...

I enjoyed looking at the postcards of library buildings and will cite you as a source for the Wellington Public Library postcard that I will be using in a presentation to the local library board. Thanks!