Friday, December 12, 2014

Library, Cutchogue, Long Island, New York

[LIB11215] - By 1913 the building was not in use and the members had returned to the Presbyterian Church while still keeping their religious society active. The Trustees voted to refurbish the building and grounds for use as a library. In 1914 the Trustees approved the rental of the building for a dollar a year. The library was opened and staffed by volunteers and then granted a charter in 1917. A furnace and electricity were installed in 1920. In 1927 the Cutchogue Methodist Church burned and the Congregational Society closed the library to allow the Methodists to use the building for worship while they were building their new church. The library was reopened when the new Methodist church was completed. The library continued to operate in the Church building for a nominal rent with free standing shelving and no permanent furnishings so that it could be returned to a place of worship with little problem. [Source]

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