Monday, March 2, 2015

Bernards Library Interior, Basking Ridge, New Jersey

[LIB11227] -  Records have indicated that the Basking Ridge Library Company housed its collection at the School House, known as the Brick Academy, for it was these same men who funded construction of this building in 1809 who were the founders of the Basking Ridge Library Company. A paper researched by Mariana M. Gibson, library director in the 1960s, maintains the library company actively flourished through Dr. Finley's regime or until 1817, as stock was issued to Joel Dayton in 1811, and book purchases in the name of the company are on record in 1815. The library company is mentioned twice in land sales during this time. Also recorded is a building mortgage of $250, dated April 2, 1810, by the trustees of this corporation to the trustees of the Basking Ridge Congregation (Presbyterian Church). People from Vealtown (Bernardsville) who attended church in Basking Ridge borrowed books from this library.  [Website]

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