Thursday, April 9, 2015

Library, Groton, Massachusetts


Towards the end of the 19th century, Groton’s need for a new library building became more evident.  Current and former residents of the town made bequests to the Library.  Donors included Willard Dalrymple, Augustus Fletcher, and Luther Blood.  Mrs. Charlotte A. L. Sibley offered to give the town a site for the new library building on Main Street, along with $4,000 towards its construction.  The amount of her gift was gradually increased until it reached $12,000, about half of the building’s eventual cost.  Mrs. Sibley continued to support the Library until the time of her death in 1902.

The new library was designed pro bono by Boston architect Arthur Rotch, a grand-son of Abbott Lawrence, the original grantor of funds for the establishment of Groton’s library.  Total cost of the land, building and furnishings was $27,500, of which $15,000 was allocated by the town. At its official dedication on May 18, 1893, the building committee gave the keys to the library trustees, plus an honorary set to Charlotte Sibley, publicly marking the institution’s new permanent home. [Website]

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