Tuesday, November 4, 2008

1913 Public Library SOUTH NORWALK CT

A real photo post card published by Underwood & Underwood, New York and London.

Prior to 1912, private companies controlled the delivery of parcels throughout the U.S. There was a lot of money to be made delivering theses parcels, and the private companies lobbied heavily against the U.S. Post Office entering the business. Unfortunately, just as it is today, the more lucrative markets were where the population densities were the highest, meaning rural areas and particularly farmers were not getting proper service. On August 24, 1912, Congress approved a law providing for parcel post service and authorized the production of stamps to pay the parcel fees, to be effective January 1, 1913. [SOURCE]

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ctyankee said...

Another cool old photo.

I remember walking past the library with my grandfather as a young child.