Thursday, August 25, 2011

Public Library, St. Louis, Missouri

[LIB2436] - The downtown Central Library was built with a substantial gift made in 1901 by Andrew Carnegie, along with six neighborhood branches, four of which (Barr, Cabanne, Carpenter, and Carondelet) are still in use. The original 1865 collection included 1500 books and by 1893 that number had grown to 90,000. Between 1894 and 1917 book deliveries, children’s programs, and a librarian training school all began. By 1938 the collection grew to 900,000 books and other items. Today the system consists of 15 branches and Central Library with 4.6 million items in its collection, 85,000 cardholders, over 300 full time staff, and 2 million visitors annually. [Website]

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