Friday, April 26, 2013

Kendal Young Library, Webster City, Iowa

[LIB8037] - Early in the history of Hamilton county there came to Webster City two men whose memory will ever be cherished by a grateful people. These were Kendall Young and Jacob M Funk. They were both capitalists and men of financial genius but both were retiring and modest in general conduct. Kendall Young had no children and Jacob Funk had neither wife nor children. In many respects they were opposite from each other. Kendall Young was a republican, Jacob Funk was a democrat. Kendall Young was a down town man while Jacob Funk was an up town man. Kendall Young was a banker and conducted his business in a most orderly and systematic manner. Jacob Funk was a farmer, builder, landlord and man of many diversified interests and usually kept his accounts in his head. Both agreed however, in a good opinion of the city in which they lived and of its people, their neighbors and friends. Kendall Young established the Kendall Young Library. Jacob Funk founded Mercy Hospital. Both were public benefactors in a large and unusual degree. []

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