Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Peter White Public Library, Marquette, Michigan

[LIB11056] - Peter White Public Library (PWPL) is located on the corner of Front and Ridge Streets near downtown Marquette, Michigan. Founded in 1871, the Peter White Public Library has served Marquette area residents for more than a century.

The Peter White Public Library (PWPL) was founded by Peter White and located within the City Hall. At that time, he donated "the sum of $4,000 to found a public library in the city, to be under the government of five trustees and $1,000 to be expanded in the purchase of cases and in completing a room in the new city hall.” Mr. White always provided space for the Library. It was later housed in the First National Bank Building on the south corner of Front and Spring Streets and later still in the Thurber Block on Washington Street where BookWorld now stands. The school district library and Peter White's private library were combined on March 27, 1891, by a special act of the Michigan Legislature, to become the Peter White Public Library. [Website]

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