Friday, March 6, 2009

1952 Johnson Camden Library, Morehead State Teachers College, Morehead, Kentucky

An older view and a contemporary view. Renamed Morehead State University. The library has also been renamed the Camden-Carroll Library and there appears to be a relatively new addition to the building (on the right).

The original part of the library was built in 1930 and officially opened
on January 22, 1931. It was named the Johnson Camden Library after U. S. Senator Johnson Camden.
It was designed to be the center of what is now the historical district of campus which is a crescent. Like all of the historic buildings on campus, the Library was designed by Joseph & Joseph Architects, and the architectural style is Collegiate Gothic. An interesting feature of the original building is the names of authors around the top of the building.
In 1964-65 a new addition was built on the west side of the original building. The 5 story Julian Carroll Tower was built in 1978. It was named for Julian Carroll who was the Governor of Kentucky at that time. In 1980, the library's name was changed to Camden-Carroll Library which combines the last names of both namesakes.
[Special thanks to Teresa L. Johnson, University Archives Specialist
Camden-Carroll Library
Morehead State University ]

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