Wednesday, March 4, 2009

1962 Moore Memorial Library, Greene, NY

Construction of the library began in 1901 and the library opened on January 28, 1904. The building is built with Indiana sandstone and boasts stately Greek architecture. The marble pillars, brick foundation, intricate wood carvings on the inside pillars, tiled mosaic floors, and thick walls truly make Moore Memorial Library an impressive structure. The Cynthia Raymond Room in the basement of the library was dedicated in 1980. A local history museum is located on the third floor. An addition in 2007 added a new teen and children’s area, computer lab, amphitheater and reading garden. The library was named by the first trustees of the library to honor the Moore family's generous gift to the village. Generations of villagers and visitors have admired and appreciated the majestic stone library, an august and beautiful reminder of the civic-minded Moores whose descendants still support the library through the Edward S. Moore Foundation. [SOURCE] [LIB2406]

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