Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sherburne Public Library, Sherburne NY

Sherburne Public Library was organized as part of the Sherburne Free Academy in 1838. In 1880 a new school building included a large room for the public library and contained 1,700 books. In 1885 New York State required all libraries to be separated from school libraries. On November 4, 1895 Sherburne Public Library began a legal existence. In 1909, with money from the Pratt family for the building and from D.H.G. Newton and others for the land, the library became a reality. The architect was Edward L. Tilton of New York City, and the master Workman was M. James Wilson of Rome, NY. The building was a gift to the town with the requirement that it only be used as a library. [SOURCE] [LIB2404]

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