Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Library, Agnes Scott College, Decatur, Georgia


  • 1910 - the Andrew Carnegie Library was the college's first library building. A gift of Mr. Carnegie, it was on the southeast corner of the main quad. That building was demolished in 1986, having served first as library then as a student center ("the Hub") after the new library was constructed.
  • 1935 - In May, 1935, the college Board of Trustees authorized construction of a new library.

  • 1936 - The new library opened in the fall of 1936. Still called the Carnegie Library, it consisted of 4 main floors, a grand reading room, and an attached "stack tower" of 7 floors.

  • 1951 - The library was renamed for James Ross McCain, on the occasion of his retirement as the 2nd President of the College. [SOURCE]


Andrea said...

Can I purchase a reproduction of this card? I'm an Agnes Scott alum and am trying to collect vintage postcards to make a framed display.

markomundo said...

Yes, please contact me by email, thanks.