Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Uses for old Carnegie Library Buildings

This just in from the Beaufort (SC) District Collection Collections and the South Carolina Digital Library:

"Andrew Carnegie was a great builder of libraries between 1886 and 1916, including the former Beaufort Township Library, on the corner of Craven and Carteret Streets. Like many of the former Carnegie Library buildings, the Beaufort Township Library has been adapted for use. When the Beaufort County Library moved across Craven Street in 1964, the the City of Beaufort took over the building. Given that the City has new quarters at the head of Ribaut Road, what should be done with the Carnegie Library now? A number of ideas have been floated. A recent AL Direct electronic newsletter carried a short article about bed and breakfasts. I wonder if anyone has given thought to having another bed and breakfast in town?"

Great question, not only for the Carnegie Libraries, but also many other architecturally beautiful early 20th century libraries that have outlived their practical usefulness as libraries. If your community has adapted their out-of-date libraries to some innovative purpose, why not contact BDCC and let them know! OR

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