Friday, October 23, 2009

Public Library, Ossining, NY


In 1903, the Library changed its name, and received a new charter as the Ossining Public Library. Beginning at that time, the Library moved its location several times as the book collection grew in size. From the Park School, the Library went to the Twiggar Building on Main Street, and then to the YWCA a few years later. Looking for a permanent home, the Trustees wrote a letter to Andrew Carnegie to ask him for funds to build a new library. He pledged $26,000 for a building if the Trustees could provide the site and commit to an annual budget of at least $2,600 per year. The Trustees purchased the present site on Croton Avenue, known as the George Selleck property, and the library was dedicated in March of 1914. A newspaper at the time boasted that there was not a village of equal size in the State with a finer library building. [Thanks to the Ossining Public Library]

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