Wednesday, June 1, 2011

11 Most Impressive Libraries from the Ancient World

Very nice website passed along to me by one of my readers. If you are interested in libraries, you will want to take a look. There are also related posts that you can check out. A great quick-look overview at ancient libraries. 11 Most Impressive Libraries from the Ancient World

From the website: Libraries, regardless of whether or not they attach themselves to a university, belong to a public system, or simply sit inside someone's home, exist as an essential vertebrae in society's backbone. These intellectual institutions make knowledge and education accessible to individuals, businesses and cities alike, preventing mental — and, subsequently, collective — stagnation. By no means are they anything new, either! For millennia, libraries of all shapes and sizes have kept humanity puttering ever forward, allowing for some of the greatest innovations ever conceived. Although all but one gradually fell to fire and time, these ancient wonders deserve awe and accolades for everything they've accomplished when it comes to promoting every academic and literary subject imaginable.

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