Monday, June 6, 2011

Doane Room, Public Library, Hyannis, Massachusetts

[LIB1926] - From Carol Saunders, librarian: I have been on the HPL staff since 1972 and I do not remember a Doane Room per se. We use, even today, a sea captain's house as part of our library facility (three buildings linked together). The view in the postcard, which we own as well, is in what we call the Hinckley Building which was named in honor of a much-beloved, long-time librarian, Ora Adams Hinckley. Today we have our large print materials and library book shop in four rooms on the ground floor. Our library association was established in 1865. The association purchased the Hinckley Building in 1908, but our town's historical commission dates it circa 1750 (county records were destroyed by a fire).

Thanks Carol!

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