Monday, October 24, 2011

1913 Public Library, Nutley, New Jersey

[LIB2705] - In 1896, a private library with an annual subscription fee of $3.00 was established in a small building donated by James R. Hay opposite the Nutley Railroad Station on Highfield Lane. In 1904, the Nutley Library moved from its original site on Highfield Lane to 381 Passaic Avenue and remained at Passaic Avenue for ten years as a private library. The original intention of the sponsors was to give the books to the Township of Nutley when a location for a library was found. When an Andrew Carnegie grant provided funds for a new public library, the 3,000 books were moved from Passaic Avenue to the present site at Booth Drive. The former library was converted into a residence with the unusual feature of a circular tower on the south side. [Website]

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