Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Robbins Library, Arlington, Massachusetts

[LIB2720] - In 1892 a gift from Maria C. Robbins, in memory of her husband Eli, gave the library a permanent home and a new name. The building, which cost $150,000 to construct and could hold 60,000 volumes, was considered one of the more noteworthy pieces of architecture of the time. The architectural firm of Cabot, Everett and Mead chose an Italian Renaissance design, modeling the formal front entrance after the Cancelleria Palace in Rome. It was built of Indiana sandstone and finished with floors, walls and fireplaces of marble. Gold leaf accented the arches, columns and ceilings. Gas and electric fixtures from Shreve, Crump and Low and custom-made antique oak furniture completed the interior. [Website]

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