Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1913 Hart Memorial Library, Troy, New York

[LIB6653] - The building opened on May 12, 1897 with appropriate ceremony and fanfare. Unfortunately, needed operating support did not match the grandeur of the new library. Mary E. hart presented the sum of $5,000 on the condition that if another $45,000 was raised, she would contribute an additional $5,000. The necessary funds were never raised and under the special conditions of the gift, the original $5,000 reverted to her estate. In 1903 the Trustees voted to change the name of the institution from the Hart Memorial Library to the Troy Public Library in hopes of attracting municipal funding. In 1904 the city of Troy appropriated $2,500 toward the operation of the library, all of which went to pay off a deficit. [Read more about this library] The building, having undergone extensive restoration, is still in use as a public library. This panoramic view of the city of Troy, New York was originally produced by Beck & Pauli in 1881. The map identifies the street names and shows the buildings in Troy more than a century ago. The printed detail is outstanding.

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