Friday, August 31, 2012

Library, Westbrook, Maine


The Walker Memorial Library began as one of the earliest Social Libraries in Maine. It was originally established in 1802 as the Falmouth Social Library at Saccarappa Village. In 1866, after many successful years the library became inactive. Interest was awakened in 1883 to reorganize the library. In 1891 Mr. Joseph Walker, of Portland, a former resident of Westbrook, died leaving a fund for a library building. He asked that the library be called The Memorial Library and that any residual funds from the library building be placed in trust for the purpose of purchasing library books. The maintainance of the library was to be financed by the city and directed by regents. The regents were appointed by the mayor. The new library was accepted by the city on May 26, 1894.

A new addition was proposed in 1984 and was budgeted through a $1.5 million bond in 1986. Ground breaking took place in February 1988 and the new addition was completed and opened to the public in February 1989. In 2007 another city bond for $1 million was proposed and accepted to repair the addition that had been plagued by a leaking roof and windows for many years. The library closed to the public September 21, 2007 for the much needed repairs and reopened to the public February 11, 2008. [From the Website of the Library]

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