Thursday, August 21, 2008

1958 Jackson State College Library, Jackson, Mississippi

"The Jackson State College Library, completed in 1958, is a three-story, completely air-conditioned structure which contains, among other features, fourteen study-research rooms, seventy-six study carrells, a rare book room, and six main reading rooms. The Library contains 30 thousand catalogued volumes, bound periodicals, and pamphlets."
The H. T. Sampson Library serves as the main and comprehensive library for Jackson State University. Modern facilities and a commitment to service, combine to make the H. T. Sampson Library the premier information center for the University. In 1970, the library was officially named after the former Executive Dean, Henry Thomas Sampson. Since its construction in 1958, the Sampson Library has undergone two major expansions/renovations. The first, completed in 1973, at a cost of $2 million, nearly tripled the size of the facility. The most recent construction project was completed in 1997. This $13.5 million expansion/renovation project doubled the size of the facility and created an aesthetically pleasing and technologically supportive library environment. The new and renovated library was designed American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. Within the library, individual study carrels, group study rooms, an auditorium, and a conference room are available for the patron's use. Public computers throughout the building offer access to the library's online computer as well as the Internet. [Source]

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