Thursday, August 21, 2008

1967 McFarlin Library, University of Tulsa, TULSA OK

"A view of the beautiful University of Tulsa Campus; with the McFarlin Library in the background."
McFarlin Library was the first of the three new buildings at the University of Tulsa to be erected and it was selected as the central feature. The library became the major axis of the campus and its location dictated the future growth of the campus. Robert M. McFarlin, known in the Southwest for his contributions toward church and educational memorial buildings, and his wife, Ida Mae Barnard McFarlin, donated the structure, as well as the book stacks and the furnishings. McFarlin, with P.A. Chapman., J.A. Chapman and H.B. Gooch as partners, had drilled an oil well in the Glenn Pool District in 1906 and continued to expand his oil, gas and ranching interests until his death in 1941. [Source]

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