Friday, September 26, 2008

1909 Davenport Free Library BATH NY

The Bath Library Association was first formed in 1869 by Guy H. McMaster, Reuben E. Robie, William B. Ruggles, Charles F. Kingsley, Robert S. May, Samuel P. Seeley, Augustus F. Barnes, William E. Bonham, Jacob W. Velie, James W. Black, A. J. McCall, William W. Allen, William E. Bonhan and John F. Little.

The facility was opened in the court house in 1870. The reading material consisted of 394 books, of which 63 were donated. Then during a time of financial difficulty, the “Relief of the Bath Library” act was passed in the State legislature. Monies collected by the town and village board through fines and penalties for violation of laws were designated for library use. These funds were used to purchase additional reading material.

The lot on which both the old and new library buildings are now situated was purchased by John Magee in 1828. Mr. Magee cleared the property and build a large brick house for his family. It was surrounded by spacious lawns and gardens. The point where the fountain is located was at the time occupied by a blacksmith shop. [SOURCE] [LIB01726]

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