Friday, September 12, 2008

1911 Historical Library Building, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin

"The 1883 Michigan Library, which came down during World War I to make way for the present General Library at Ann Arbor, had certain resemblances to the red brick Gothic Memorial Hall at Harvard, which Van Brunt designed. The great stone library at Cornell, with its separate tower, long the focus of alumni nostalgia "far above Cayuga's waters," was designed by a local architect named Miller and reflected the influence of the well-known American architect Henry Hobson Richardson, who derived much of the inspiration for his style from early Romanesque. But when the time arrived for the erection of a library for the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, the influence of the much-admired architecture of the World's Columbian Exposition at Chicago was in the ascendant, and the straight lines of the classic orders, with flat roofs, domes, and colonnades were the order of the day for every large public building then contemplated." [SOURCE]

Wisconsin State Historical Library Building. Memorial Volume, 1901. Exercises, Description, Accounts, Brief History etc.

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