Friday, February 6, 2009

Carnegie Public Library, Arkansas City, Kansas KS

On March 7, 1892, the Fortnightly Club, consisting of “civic- minded ladies,” established a book collection for its members. In November 1896, this collection was opened to “a limited number who shall be called Library Members.” The Y.M.C.A. also sponsored a reading room, but it was not until April 1900, that Miss Lillie R. Gilliland attempted to organize a library. She established a circulating library, called the Arkansas City Library, and it was situated in the Commercial Club Assembly Room. It had 75 members who paid $1.00 each for a membership fee. The collection consisted of 500-600 volumes. At the end of the year the Commercial Club “failed to vote any help for the Library,” and Miss Gilliland gave away or sold the books at this point. To read more about the history of this Carnegie Library, click here!


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