Friday, February 6, 2009

Mosaic Mantel, Library of Congress, Washington DC

Mosaic Mantel by Frederick Dielman. Representatives' Reading Room. HISTORY: In the center stands the Muse of History with recording pen and gold-clasped volume. In the panels are names of great historians: Herodotus. Thucydides. Polybius. Livy. Tacitus. Baeda. Comines. Hume. Gibbon. Niebuhr. Guizot. Ranke. Bancroft. Motley. On the left side sits Mythology with recording stylus and globe symbolic of the myths of the worlds. Beside her are a winged Sphinx and Pandora's box. On the right is the venerable figure of Tradition, and by her with a lyre sits a youthful poet who will sing the story that she tells. In the distance back of Mythology rise the Pyramids, back of History the Parthenon, and beyond Tradition the Colosseum. - From Practical Guide Library of Congress


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