Monday, September 12, 2011

1909 College Library, Greencastle, Indiana

[LIB2508] - New library facilities had to wait until 1908, when after a long series of negotiations with agents of Andrew Carnegie, who first turned down DePauw’s request, the Carnegie Library was erected next to the College Avenue Methodist Church with funds contributed by the great steelmaker-benefactor as well as by alumni others. Breaking with the utilitarian re-brick tradition, the well-established Indianapolis architectural firm of D.A. Bohlen and Sons designed it in a neo-classic style. Constructed completely of Bedford limestone, with two pairs of columns of the Ionic order adorning both the front entrance and the south side, the library was often described as the “most beautiful building on campus”. Despite its handsome appearance, it proved barely adequate for its purposes during the nearly half a century it was to serve as the university’s chief book depository. [From The New DePauw University: Evolution of the Campus]

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