Tuesday, February 21, 2012

1934 Public Library, Edgerton, Wisconsin

[LIB6438] - In Jan., 1907, Edgerton opened a beautiful neoclassical revival style brick and stone Carnegie building with 2400 books and a spacious reading room with oak furnishings and community space in the lower level. Two fireplaces were there for comfort and beauty. Community suppers, meetings and plays were held there. It was a delight for our community. We still have that building, and it has changed over the years without losing its architectural character or being enlarged. Children gather in the former Culton Hall for programs and services. Computers and many books now occupy much of the formerly spacious reading room. Time has brought change. In 2003, the library has a collection of more than 32,000 books, magazines, video recordings, audio recordings, and historical materials. In 2002 it circulated more than 71,000 books, videos, books on tape, magazines and other items. [From the website] The original building is still being used as a library.

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