Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1906 New Public Library, Providence, Rhode Island

[LIB6585] - Proceedings of the General Assembly, held for the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, at South Elngstovm, the 25th day of February, 1760. The Hon. Stephen Hopkins, Governor. The Hon. John Gardner, Deputy Governor. An Act for raising $ 1,200, in order to re-establish the library, lately consumed by fire, in the town of Providence. Whereas, the proprietors of the aforesaid library preferred a petition, and represented unto this Assembly, that almost all the books and papers of which the said library was composed, were, with their book cases, destroyed, when the court house in said Providence, was burnt; and thereupon prayed for liberty to put forth a lottery sufficient to raise twelve hundred milled dollars, for re-establishing said library. Upon due consideration whereof, and as the re-establishing of the aforesaid library is of a public nature, tending to promote virtue and the good of mankind,— Be it enacted by this General Assembly, and by the authority of the same it is enacted, that the proprietors of the late library, called and known by the name of the Providence Library, which was destroyed, as aforesaid, be, and they hereby are, authorized and fully empowered to open and set up a lottery in the town of Providence, consisting of $12,000; out of which, a deduction of ten per cent, shall be made, for raising the aforesaid sum of $1,200, to be by the said proprietors applied toward purchasing books for re-establishing the said library, and defraying the charges of the said lottery, which is to consist of six thousand tickets, at $2 each; whereof, one thousand five hundred and twenty-nine to be fortunate, to wit: [Here follows the scheme of the lottery. Its directors were Benjamin Cushing and Samuel Nightingale, Esqs., Messrs. Darins Sessions, Baulston Brayton, Job Sweeting and Joseph Turpin.] [Available as a GGoogle eBook]

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