Saturday, March 31, 2012

1941 Library, Westborough, Massachusetts

[LIB6618] - The Westborough Room, located on the main floor was established to help preserve Westborough's history. Its collection consists of vital records, town reports, genealogy publications, maps, photographs, and other materials of local historical and genealogical interest. [Website] Next to the schools in educational value comes the public library. The nucleus of the present collection of books, as Mr. De Forest has already shown,1 came into the possession of the town in 1857. The first board of trustees consisted of the Rev. Luther H. Sheldon, the Rev. William H. Walker, and Samuel M. Griggs. They reported in the spring of 1858 that the number of books catalogued was three hundred and seventy-five, but that many, which "were found to be worthless, from their peculiar character and antiquity," were packed away in boxes. In 1864 Miss Jane S. Bccton, who retained the position for twenty-five years, was appointed librarian. The library remained in the rear of the old Parkman Store until 1868, when it was removed to a room in the Town Hall. In 1879 the town received from a former resident, William R. Warner, of Fall River, the gift of one hundred and seventeen volumes. In 1880 the library was closed for three months, and a new catalogue was prepared. The following year saw the addition of a reference department and reading-room. In 1888 Miss Clara S. Blake was appointed assistant-librarian, and on Miss Beeton's resignation in 1889 became her successor. [The History of Westborough, Massachusetts: Part I. The Early History. By Heman Packard De Forest. Part II. The Later History. By Edward Craig Bates, Part 1 (Google eBook)]

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