Saturday, December 12, 2009

1908 Public Library, Tipton, Indiana


In the fall of the year 1900 the first definite plans were made in the city of Tipton for the establishment of a free public library. The educational and pleasurable effects of such an institution were realized, and the strong need of the advantages perceived in the life of the city. At this time the schools were beginning to be improved to a great extent, and in connection with this the need was felt perhaps stronger than in any other way. It was at a meeting of the Literary and Suffrage Club that the plans were first made. The new library law went into effect the following year, and Tipton was ready at once to take advantage of it. The city was the first in the state of Indiana to organize under this new law. Early in the spring of 1901 the library association opened the library to the public in the court house. A book "shower" was held and more than five hundred volumes were donated, many of them being valuable. The library was supported by voluntary contributions. The officers were the same as they are in 1914. [History of Tipton County, available from Google Books]

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