Friday, December 18, 2009

1976 Hamlin Memorial Library, Paris Hill, Paris, Maine


This thick-walled stone building built in 1828 as the Oxford County Jail is now used as a library. With the exception of the removal of the cells and changes in the roof, the building is in its original form. [From the back of the card]

The vacant jail building was purchased by Dr. Augustus C. Hamlin, nephew of Hon. Hannibal H. Hamlin (Vice President of the United States during Lincoln's first term). In the 1960's the domed roof was replaced by one closer to the original design. A new second floor and interior staircase was added, and shelving installed on the first floor. The building now houses a small public circulating library , a modest research facility, and a museum collection relating to local, state, and national history. [Thanks to the Hamlin Memorial Library & Museum]

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