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Lincoln Library, Springfield, Illinois


Allow the president to invade a neighboring nation, whenever he shall deem it necessary to repel an invasion, and you allow him to do so whenever he may choose to say he deems it necessary for such a purpose - and you allow him to make war at pleasure. Abraham Lincoln

1910 Public Library, Canton, Ohio

[LIB2544] - Online Collection: A Standard History of Stark County by John H. Lehman

Public Library, Milan, Ohio

[LIB2543] - The Milan Public Library was built in 1912 on donated land with a grant from the Carnegie Fund.

Public Library, Clearwater, Florida

[LIB2542] - The Commission considered once again the renovation, expansion or rebuilding of the Main Library. There were several issues: should it be moved to the east? Patrons, four nationally known consultants, the City Administration, and the Library Board agreed that it should remain on Osceola Avenue in the downtown district. Should the old building be razed or repaired and enlarged? Eventually it was decided to retain and modernize the old building at less cost than new construction. [Read a comprehensive history of the Clearwater Library here]

1922 Library, Decatur, Illinois

[LIB2541] - As the library grew, the need for a new building arose and by the turn of the 20th century, plans were in place. The Decatur Public Library Building, located at 457 N. Main, was built at a cost of $65,000. A grant from Andrew Carnegie paid for most of it. The cornerstone was laid on June 16, 1902, and the building was opened to the public on July 1, 1903.
By 1970, the library was in need of a larger facility and obtained the building on 247 E. North Street which had recently been vacated by Sears. This building served until 1999, when the library moved to its current location on 130 N. North Franklin Street. [From the website]

1947 Public Library, Kankakee, Illinois

[LIB2540] Website

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1907 Carnegie Library, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

LIB2539] The Oklahoma City Carnegie Library received its Carnegie Library grant in several phases. In 1900 they received 25,000.00, in 1907 they received an additional 25,000.00 and in 1908 the final 10,000.00 was awarded for the completion of the furnishings and interior space.

The Carnegie was torn down in 1951 and a new library building was erected in its place.

The architect was M. R. Sanguinet from Fort Worth, Texas.

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1927 Library, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

[LIB2538] - Special Collection University of Arizona Photograph Collection 269 images.

1907 Public Library, Davenport, Iowa

[LIB2537] - Davenport Public Library’s Richardson-Sloane Special Collections Center has extensive local history and genealogy research collections. Collections include 23,000 books, 18,000 rolls of microfilm, 75,000 photographic images and 2,000 linear feet of archive and manuscript collections. The Center also serves as the archives for the City of Davenport. Follow the “Collections” link on the left (or click here) for details about these materials. [Visit the website for more information]

Public Library, Ayer, Massachusetts

[LIB2535] - A despatch from Ayer, Mass., states that Frederick F. Ayer, of New York, who about a year ago gave $5000 to the public library of Ayer, had placed himself in communication with the town authorities of Ayer, announcing his intention of buying land opposite the High School and building on it a structure to be presented to the town for a library, and that the deed was passed and suitable resolutions were to be drawn up in acknowledgment of the gift. Mr. Ayer was seen by a Tribune reporter at his office, No. 35 Wall Street, and he said: "The despatch is correct except that part which says I would do yet more for the town bearing my family name. That is something I cannot confirm. The town was named after my father.

"I have given the town a lot having a frontage of 100 feet, and a depth of some 200 feet, opposite the high school. I intend building the handsomest library building in Massachusetts. I have photographs of existing buildings of this nature, and shall put up something superior to them all. The building will be of stone and iron — absolutely fire-proof. There will not be a strip of wood in it, if I can help it. Even the shelves and casings will be of metal. The floors throughout will be of stone. I have not yet determined on the plans or style of architecture, but the building will be large enough to hold from 20,000 to 50,000 volumes. The present library already numbers from 10,000 to 15,000 volumes." [Courtesy of Google Books, read more here]

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1906 Public Library, Amesbury, Massachusetts


1907 Sims Library, Waxahachie, Texas

[LIB2533] - Nicholas P. Sims donated his estate to build a public library for Waxahachie. Opened to the public April 26, 1905. [Read more at the website]

1908 James V. Brown Memorial Library, Williamsport, Pennsylvania

[LIB2531] - When the James V. Brown Library first opened its doors in Williamsport the second week of June, 1907, the season was changing: local farmers were bragging that their strawberries were ripe, Williamsport Dickinson Seminary (now Lycoming College) was in the midst of its 58th commencement exercises, and women’s summer linen suits were on sale for $22.50. [Read more at the website]

Public Library, Idaho Falls, Idaho

[LIB2530] - The Carnegie building on the east side of the railroad tracks was originally built during 1914-15. (The building that now houses the Bonneville Museum) It opened with 2,000 books, 63 periodicals, and 420 cardholders. The building was expanded and remodeled with Public Works Administration funds for 70,000 dollars between 1938 and 1940 and held a collection of nearly 20,000. According to the Post Register, in 1954, "the library was recently equipped with an elevator large enough to hold one person and a truckload of books." [From the website]

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1905 Brooks Library, Brattleboro, Vermont

[LIB2527] - At its opening in 1887, the collection numbered 5,000 volumes. Early in the 1960's the federal government, needing more space for postal operations on Main Street, negotiated with the library for the purchase of the property at the very time the library's building had become overcrowded and relocation was necessary. The George J. Brooks Library building was torn down, and a new, larger building constructed farther north on Main Stree.

Public Library, Civic Center, San Francisco, California

[LIB2525] The San Francisco Historical Photograph Collection, located in the San Francisco History Center on the 6th floor, contains photographs and works on paper of San Francisco and California views from 1850 to the present. Part of this collection is available online here.

John Stewart Memorial Library, Wilson College, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

[LIB2524] The C. Elizabeth Boyd '33 Archives is named in honor of Miss Boyd class of 1933 who served as the College's registrar from 1956 to 1971. After her retirement in 1971, she was granted emeritus status for her exemplary service. As registrar, she worked closely with College records and understood their value. From 1979 to 1994 Miss Boyd served as archivist, working doggedly to prevent the destruction and loss of College records. In addition, she encouraged many alumnae and other College friends to donate Wilson-related materials.

1907 Public Library, Waterville, Maine

[LIB2523] Since 1896, the Waterville Public Library has been a center for community and learning, a place where people and ideas connect. The Waterville Public Library is located in a lovely old building built at the turn of the 20th Century. In 1902, the town of Waterville benefited, as did many American and European towns, from the generosity of Andrew Carnegie. Known as Carnegie libraries, these libraries often shared a distinctive architectural style called Richardsonian Romanesque, created by library architect Henry Richardson in the late 19th century. Characteristics of the Richardson Romanesque style are a Norman tower, dramatic semicircular arches, and a rugged appearance. The Waterville Library building is typical of this look with its rounded arches, distinctive roofline and fancy stonework. The 1976 addition has bigger windows and no granite, but its horizontal lines blend with those of the original building. [From the website]

Public Library, Leicester, Maine

[LIB2522] - Completed in 1896, through the generous donations and endowments of the townspeople, Leicester Public Library is an architectural gem that has served residents for over a century. Built to serve a population of 3,120 citizens and hold 8,400 volumes, the building is a fine example of Classical Revival architecture, recognizable by its solidity and weight, rusticated masonry and strong horizontal lines.

1909 Auburn Public Library, Lewiston, Maine

[LIB2521] - The Lewiston Public Library has historical and genealogical resources on Lewiston, Androscoggin County, and Maine from the nineteenth and twentieth century. These include city directories, the Franklin Company papers, Bates College Theses, scrapbooks, personal accounts, reports, and records of organizations. The Sun-Journal newspaper is available on microfilm, however its full index is only available at the Sun-Journal newspaper office. In addition, the collection has numerous volumes on state and city histories and genealogical research. Here are the complete listings of what is in our Lewiston or Maine collections.

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1912 Public Library Square, Detroit, Michigan

[LIB2520] Special Online Collection Drawing Power: An Exhibit of Motor City Ad Art in the the Age of Muscle and Chrome: A web-based version of an exhibit at the National Automotive History Collection featuring original works of advertising art created by Detroit advertising studios during their height of creativity. Click here for a super-fun online exhibition!

1912 College Library, Beloit, Wisconsin

[LIB2519] - Beloit College Digital Collections Beloit – College, City, and Environs is a growing collection that was established with fifteen video files created by College friend Rob Baller. These items were originally created as PowerPoint slides of images from the Beloit College Archives and Beloit Historical Society. The images, once digitized, were “sewn” or overlaid on one another to create a fading effect. The results are videos of Beloit and College buildings, streets or locations as they looked in the past and present, weaved into short video presentations. Click here for a fascinating presentation!

Public Library, Deming, New Mexico

[LIB2518] The Deming Public Library was founded in 1917 by the Library Association, which was organized by the Deming Women's Club. Originally located at City Hall, it started with a very small book collection. Its first large purchase of books that year consisted of 162 volumes of fiction bought for $25. The first librarian received a salary of $15 a month!

Later the library was moved to the Armory, and in 1921, to a room in the Luna County Courthouse. It soon outgrew this area as well.

The land on the corner of Tin and Hemlock, was acquired in 1921 for $900. It was not until 1935, however, that the library building was constructed with funds provided by the Public Works Administration.

Although the building was remodeled and enlarged throughout the years, the original architectural style was preserved. Built of adobe with beamed ceilings in the original part of the building, it is a typical southwestern structure, featuring a beautiful Spanish corner fireplace in the room which housed the fine Southwestern collection. An added attraction were the hand painted windows depicting wildflowers of New Mexico. The latest addition was the Children's Room in 1972. [From the website]

Public Library, Belfast, Maine

[LIB2516] - In 1800, the Belfast Library Society was established, with 39 charter members, each paying an admission fee of $2.00. Reverend Ebenezar Price was instrumental in organizing the Society and served as the first Librarian. Initially, Rev. Price kept the books in his house. Later they were kept in the James Nesmith store. Income for the first year was $110.00, most of which was spent for 78 new volumes. Although the Society lasted until the 1830's, its organizational structure dissolved in 1815. [Read more about this wonderful library serving the Belfast community]

1949 Carnegie Library, McCook, Nebraska

LIB2515] - McCook Public-Carnegie Library, located at southeast corner of 5th Street and Norris Avenue; seen from the west. The Mission Revival building, constructed in 1907, is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It is now part of the High Plains Museum. [Wikipedia]

1912 Brumbach Library, Van Wert, Ohio

[LIB2513] - The Brumback Library was built with funds bequeathed to Van Wert County residents by John Sanford Brumback, a former resident of Van Wert, for the purpose of building a free public library. Mr. Brumback's will directed that a sufficient sum from his estate be devoted to the erection and furnishings of a library building as a free gift to Van Wert County, if the County would provide for its equipment of books and maintenance. [Read more from the website]

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1943 Rockwell Library, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

[LIB2512] - The Kent State University Museum presents a wide variety of exhibitions with a primary focus on fashion, costume, and the decorative arts. Located on the university's beautiful front campus in Rockwell Hall, a restored Beaux Arts building which once served at the university's library.

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1918 Danforth Memorial Public Library, Paterson, New Jersey

[LIB2511] - SPECIAL COLLECTION: Sanborn Maps - Paterson --Online access to all the NJ maps from 1867 through 1970. The Sanborn Map Company is the oldest mapping company in the United States. Founded in 1866, the company created detailed building maps of cities and towns all across the country, primarily for use by insurance companies. These maps also have been used extensively by local government agencies for over a century in conducting their daily operations efficiently. Approximately 12,000 American cities and towns are chronicled in the company's collection of over one million maps. As a result of its history, the name "Sanborn" has become synonymous with this kind of map. Genealogists, local history buffs, city planners, architects, and countless others have been drawn to the quality of detail found in them.

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1909 College Library, Greencastle, Indiana

[LIB2508] - New library facilities had to wait until 1908, when after a long series of negotiations with agents of Andrew Carnegie, who first turned down DePauw’s request, the Carnegie Library was erected next to the College Avenue Methodist Church with funds contributed by the great steelmaker-benefactor as well as by alumni others. Breaking with the utilitarian re-brick tradition, the well-established Indianapolis architectural firm of D.A. Bohlen and Sons designed it in a neo-classic style. Constructed completely of Bedford limestone, with two pairs of columns of the Ionic order adorning both the front entrance and the south side, the library was often described as the “most beautiful building on campus”. Despite its handsome appearance, it proved barely adequate for its purposes during the nearly half a century it was to serve as the university’s chief book depository. [From The New DePauw University: Evolution of the Campus]

Pius XII Memorial Library, Saint Louis University, Saint Louis, Missouri

[LIB2507] - This $4 million air conditioned open stack library is the depository of the Knights of Columbus microfilms made of some 11 million pages of the priceless Vatican Manuscripts Collection. This building also contains the 300,000 volume university library, and has facilities for 1 million bound volumes, and an estimated reader capacity of 1500. A statue of Pope Pius XII by the renowned sculptor Ivan Mestrovic dominates the Lindell Plaza entrance to the library. [From the back of the card.]

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Faculty Library, Fordham University School of Law, New York, New York

[LIB2476] - Special Collection: The History of Cuban Baseball at Fordham: 1864 - 1903 Esteban Bellan was the first Cuban and the first Latin American to play major league baseball. Bellan learned how to play the game while he was a student at Fordham University from 1863-1868. Click here to visit this unique digital resource!

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1909 Public Library, Holyoke, Massachusetts

[LIB2475] - Special Collections: The Holyoke History Room has over 1000 linear feet of archival materials that relate principally to Holyoke history, local biographies, and industry. Holyoke Postcard Collection: This collection contains over 500 postcards from Holyoke’s Past.

1907 Public Library, Rochester, New Hampshire

[LIB2474] - One hundred and one years before the start of the first Free Public Library, a Social Library was founded on the 12th of March, 1792. A small number of citizens gathered at the house of Col. John Goodwin and subscribed a paper in which they declared that "learning tended to enlarge the views and soften the tempers of humankind." They all agreed to a form a social library. Each member paid eighteen shillings (about $2.50) toward the first purchase of books. Some members, in lieu of money, contributed an equal value in books. There were twenty three paid members by the end of 1792. [Read more at the library website]