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Carnegie Library, Danville, Indiana, 1910



The Danville Public Library began in 1902 on a lot at the corner of Marion and Indiana Streets in downtown Danville. Being the county seat, and having Central Normal College already established, local businessmen felt it was time for a public library to serve both the students of the college and citizens of the community. Philanthropist Andrew Carnegie offered to help communities build libraries with grant money and Danville was able to secure one to build the library. The Danville Public library was the first of four Carnegie libraries that were built in Hendricks County. After receiving the Carnegie grant, construction on the building began in September of 1902 and was completed in June of 1903. They began with a collection of approximately 1,000 books to lend to patrons that were either purchased by the ladies club or donated by local citizens. To keep current they also subscribed to the leading magazines in the country at that time.

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Somers, Connecticut, Library, Museum



Carnegie Library, El Dorado, Kansas, 1919


The El Dorado Carnegie Library is a former public library, constructed in 1912, in El Dorado, Kansas. It was designed by architect John F. Stanton. In 1959, a new library was built in El Dorado; the original was eventually purchased privately and in the 1980s it was renovated and converted into private offices: from 2002, an architectural firm.[3] It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1987. WIKIPEDIA

Monday, April 22, 2024

Baxter Memorial Library & Museum, Gorham, Maine, c1910



The Baxter Memorial Library is the public library serving Gorham, Maine. It was built in 1908. The gift of James Phinney Baxter, the library building is constructed of pink granite and the interior is completed in red oak. In 2003, a 10,000 square feet addition became the primary library.

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Carnegie Public Library , Owosso, Michigan, c1915



The idea of a library for the people of Owosso grew out of a literary club. During the Civil War, a group of women met regularly to work for the Union cause and to help provide for the soldiers. Once the war was over, they continued to meet together as a literary club. On May 5, 1867 the Ladies’ Library Association was formally organized.   In August of 1910, the City of Owosso agreed to take over the library.  In 1911, the Carnegie Corporation was contacted regarding the funds for a new building; land was donated by the Woodard family.   Ground was broken for the building on September 2, 1913, and on October 28, 1913, the cornerstone was laid.   On July 4, 1914, a formal dedication of the new building was held.  Once the books could be moved into place, it was opened to the public.  In 1994, The Owosso Public and Durand Memorial Libraries combined to form the Shiawassee District Library.  A more detailed history may be found in 100 Years of Service: The Shiawassee District Library, 1914-2014.

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D.R. Evarts Library, Athens, New York, 1917



1800. It was a time when men worked for a dollar a day in zero or below temperatures to cut ice blocks to fill the eleven large ice houses in Athens.  They rode horses or took a stagecoach.  It was a time when children had one pair of shoes and were lucky to attend school.  Still, it is an age looked back on with nostalgia as a simpler time.  It was during this golden age that a studious young boy named Daniel Redfield Evarts was being brought up in modest circumstances.  He came from a large family and had no free access to books.  The local Dutch Reformed minister gave him some books and a small room with light in which he could study. READ MORE HERE:

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Eckhart Library, Auburn, Indiana, 1925



  • Founding: The library was founded in 1912 through the philanthropy of businessman Charles Eckhart. He was a prominent figure in Auburn and a partner in the Eckhart Carriage Company, which later became part of the Auburn Automobile Company.

  • Charles Eckhart's Contribution: Charles Eckhart bequeathed funds in his will to establish a public library for the citizens of Auburn. His generous donation provided the initial financial support to create the library.

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Warsaw IN, Warsaw And Wayne Township, Public Library, Indiana, 1958



Carnegie Library, Greeneville, Tennessee



The Carnegie Library in Greeneville, Tennessee, stands as a historic institution known for its significance in the community. Named after the philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, who funded the construction of numerous libraries across the United States, it served as a vital center for education, literacy, and community engagement.

The library in Greeneville was built in the early 20th century as one of the many Carnegie libraries established nationwide. These libraries were created with the aim of providing access to knowledge and resources to people regardless of their backgrounds or financial means.

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Jones Memorial Library, Lynchburg, Virginia


The Jones Memorial Library, located in Lynchburg, Virginia, is a historic library serving the community with various resources and services. It was established in 1907 and is housed in a building constructed in the Neoclassical Revival architectural style.

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Public Library, Derby, Connecticut, c1910


Carnegie Library, Austin, Minnesota



The Carnegie Library in Austin, Minnesota, was built in the Beaux-Arts architectural style and opened its doors to the public in 1901. It served as a vital hub for learning and knowledge dissemination for the residents of Austin.

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Library, Racine Wisconsin, 1906



The Racine Heritage Museum is a historical museum building and former Carnegie library, located at 701 S. Main St. in downtown Racine, Wisconsin. Designed by John Mauran in the Beaux-Arts style, the building served as the Racine Public Library from 1904 until 1958, and has housed the Racine Heritage Museum since 1963. It is also the home of the Racine County Historical Society. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on March 20, 1981 Wikipedia

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Public Library, Great Bend, Kansas, 1914



Stevenson Library, Marinette, Wisconsin, 1908


The Stevenson Library in Marinette, Wisconsin, is a part of the Marinette County Consolidated Public Library Service (MCCPLS). The library is named after Robert Louis Stevenson, the famous Scottish novelist, poet, and essayist.