Tuesday, March 25, 2014

1909 Library, Montclair, New Jersey

[LIB10967] An unusually shaped library, located in Essex County.

Carnegie Library, Huron, South Dakota

[LIB10966] - In 1908, the City Commission accepted the Andrew Carnegie offer of $10,000 to build a Free Library Building for the City of Huron. This building opened to the public September 3, 1909, and served the city for 56 years. In the fall of 1965, the building was razed and the present structure erected on the same site. [Website]

Carnegie Library, Santa Cruz, California

[LIB10965] - This building was built in 1903, with a $20,000 grant of Carnegie funds. It was the main branch of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries, and later became the headquarters for the city/county library system. The front of the library faced the gardens at Santa Cruz City Hall across Cedar St., although this piece of Cedar St. and the present City Hall weren't there until 1937. The Main Library building was considered to be too small as early as 1953, and it was demolished to make way for the present Downtown Branch in 1966. When built in 1903, the building's address was 52 Church St. (Most addresses in Santa Cruz were renumbered between 1947 and 1950, when this building became 224 Church St. [Website]

Friday, March 21, 2014

Library, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada


Schoelcher Library, Fort de France, Martinique, Trinidad

[LIB10900] Website

Library, Baker University, Baldwin, Kansas

[LIB10899] The bottom picture shows a contemporary view of the library, now called Case Library. [Website]

1907 Carnegie Library, West Park, Hull, United Kingdom

[LIB10898] - The recent photo at the bottom is from David Wright. [David Wright [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons.]

1941 Gates Memorial Library, Port Arthur, Texas

[LIB10897] - The Port Arthur History collection includes a special collection of historic photographs. The Library seeks donations to this collection for preservation of  photos and documents for future generations. [Website]

This building is no longer in use as a public library.It is now part of Lamar State College Port Arthur. The Gates Memorial Library is one of the most attractive academic library buildings in the state. The two-story Classical Revival building was entered into the National Register of Historic Places in 1981.

Library, Chatham, Ontario, Canada


1906 Memorial Library, Westerly, Rhode Island

[LIB10895] - Originally the library included a bowling alley, gymnasium, art gallery, museum, and meeting space for the Grand Army of the Republic. Really, a bowling alley? [Website]

Library, Galion, Ohio

[LIB10894] - The library building was built in 1904, partly with Carnegie funds. In 1990, the building was expanded to create room for an ever-growing collection of materials and services. Additional building maintenance is performed on a regular basis as needed. [Website]

Monday, March 10, 2014

1908, Interior View Spear Library, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio

[LIB10742] - When Spear Library was completed in 1885, the faculty decided that it was an appropriate time to modernize the library's system of organization.  Nine years earlier, Melvil Dewey's method of classification and Cutter's system of cataloging had been published.  In 1885, the faculty voted to adopt Dewey's system.  They commissioned Azariah Smith Root, who had graduated from Oberlin in 1884 and was then a law student at Boston University, to undertake the classification of Oberlin's library and establish a card catalog.  Root completed the project in one year and then left to attend Harvard Law School.  When he had been at Harvard for one year, Oberlin invited him back to serve as its first professional librarian. [website]

Library, Juniata College, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

[LIB10731] - Juniata College is blessed with an unusually strong collection of manuscripts and rare books. The collection is rated among the top six German-American research repositories in the nation. Use of materials from Special Collections is by appointment only; please contact the curator of Special Collections (814)641-3484 or the library director's office at (814)641-3452 at least one week in advance. [Website]

1955 Maui County Library, Lahaina, Hawaii


1955 Library Room at Motel Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama

Rent a room, read a book...

1955 Jervis Library, Rome, New York

[LIB10728] Carole Fraser Fowler, educated at Colby and Douglas Colleges and Rutgers University, became Jervis' sixth Director in 1985 and was Director during the library's Centennial celebration. Her focuses until her retirement in 2005 included improving accessibility via the 1988 addition, and incorporating new technologies in order to access a wider range of information. Automated circulation of materials began in February 1986. [Website]

Library, Boone, Iowa

[LIB10727] A "free reading room" was started by Boone residents in 1885.  The assets were turned over to the city in 1889 to become a public library.  In 1901 Senator C.J. A. Ericson, a Boone businessman, gave the city a building to house the library.  The building was enlarged in 1923 thanks to a donation by his daughter, Miss Rena Ericson.  In 1993 the building was enlarged and remodeled from the proceeds of a 1 cent local option sales tax approved by the voters. [website]

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Carnegie Library, Jefferson, Iowa

[LIB10674] Website

Library, Charles City, Iowa

[LIB10673] Located inside the Charles City Public Library is The Mooney Art Collection. It reflects both Arthur Mooney's love of art and of the community where he grew up. The collection features the works of classical artists such as Dali (seen on the left), Picasso, Rembrandt and Goya. [website]